Monday, February 8, 2016

Way of Seeing

I think that it was very interesting how they said that images were changing due to an increase in individuality. This was very eye opening to me because I had never thought of it like that at all. But as they explained how people choose which area of a scene to look at or even just the way people see objects vary from person to person, it mad more sense to me that people can have different images of the same thing. Also, going along with that, just how much a person looking at an image can learn about the person who created it, like they had said, "beauty, truth, genius, civilization, form, status, taste, etc."
Another things I thought was slightly confusing but very interesting was the mystifying history. They talked about how there was no way of knowing exactly how the painter was feeling it or wanted it to be felt when people looked at it, but you aren't supposed to make it up either. These two things seemed very conflicting. However, I slightly understood what was meant, because you do not want to just make up random things up about the image, you actually have to look into and really figure out what was trying to be portrayed.