Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Visual Analysis of Final Piece

When I first look at this piece, my eye goes directly to Trump’s face, more specifically his mouth. I think this is because his teeth are blue which is different than the rest of his face. Then my eyes extend through the rest of his face in order to see his entire expression and then I find his finger waving in the air, which really completes the expression and look. Finally, my eyes go down to the words and read those. This appears to be done on the computer using more of a graphic design method, therefore you can not see the hand of the artist in the piece. The piece is not entirely symmetrical because it is not centered and his hand throws off the symmetry but besides that, it can almost seem symmetrical because of that fact that it is a face. The piece is definitely balanced, however, due to the colors that are used. The color scheme could be triad but I think there is more just a use of the colors of the USA flag because of the presidential aspect of it. The denotative meaning of this is just that Trump is able to build a great wall and you should believe him to be able to do so. However, the connotative meaning is something completely different. This piece seems to be a play off of the Obama “HOPE” poster. Where in that poster the red, white and blue is used to mask the race of Obama, here it is just used to copy that poster because race does not need to be hidden because Trump is white. This seems to be making fun of Trump as a candidate in the election. Anyone who has heard him speak knows of all the stupid or rude things he has said, so this piece really points that out and highlights that. It also does this, not only by the words, which is a stupid quote from Trump himself, but also through the photo used. In the Obama one, he is extremely hopeful looking and it is a good positively promoting photo, whereas this one of Trump is extremely unflattering and embarrassing. The ideological meaning is meant to reach out to the voters in this upcoming election and to show them that Trump is really not fit to be president because he is seen as such a joke to so many people and even just through the things he says, he is not fit for the position. I think this piece does a good job at highlighting the flaws that Trump has by not only taking one of his not so smart sounding quotes, but also finding one that talks about an idea he plans to put into place if he becomes president, the wall to keep out immigrants. By doing both of these things and including the embarrassing picture, it really shows the amount that Trump should be down played and not highly thought of.